Advent Risk Management Ltd offers new bond facilities enabling the provision of performance and guarantee bonds for companies operating in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain on behalf of insurer Advent Insurance DAC.

Advent Risk Management Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Advent Insurance DAC is represented by Advent Risk Management Ltd.

Advent Insurance DAC is fully authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Reinsurers with investment grade credit ratings underpin this strong product offering with all of them experts within the Bond & Surety market.


  1. Contract bond: Bid, performance, advance payment, maintenance, development and retention bonds 
  2. Custom bond: including Custom warehouse, Deferred Customs duties, other custom bonds 
  3. EU guarantees : tender guarantees, compliance with regulation guarantees and other EU guarantees 
  4. Other – Deposit bond.



Contract Performance & Advance Payment Bonds are often required by firms in: Construction, Engineering, Specialist Subcontractor services, Project management and Design Build construction.

Customs Bonds are required by Businesses dealing in goods subject to excise duties mainly in the Drinks Industry, Shipping, Transport, Pharmaceutical and Motor trade.

Businesses mainly in food sector or transport may have a requirement for EU Guarantees