Generally, relationships with credit insurers and rating agencies have not been a priority for businesses as credit had been so freely available...Not anymore.

So it's crucial to manage your credit rating and credit insurer rating to maximise your relationship with suppliers and customers.

We help businesses to restore, maintain or maximise access to credit and credit risk capacity.

Your business credit rating is your new business calling card. Are you happy that your current rating accurately reflects your business?

Right now, credit capacity is still reduced, suppliers remain risk averse and risk assessment models have evolved. Business information credit reports are in use far more regularly.

Many Irish firms continue to experience reduction or loss of credit capacity. Credit insurers have become a vital cog in the credit chain for Irish business. Credit Rating agencies are increasingly important in influencing credit decisions.


Companies must understand that the risk rating market is different, forever, with any benefit of doubt now gone.

Irish credit risk is often assessed by international standard models and not always by people entirely familiar with the Irish market. Your credit value is being set without your input. When you do find out you have a problem? Invariably it is after the event with a key customer having indicated a problem to you.

Simply give Advent Risk Management Ltd a call and a solution should not be far away.